Stardancer's Dream

  A star up in the sky at night,
A brightly sparkling lance
That shines just like a beacon's light
And beckons her to reach its height
And join it in its dance.

She hears the borealis call,
The first step in her flight,
And climbing up that lighted hall
To join the planets at their ball,
She knows she's doing right.

But when the planets all unwind
And slip away in sleep,
She leaves their marble game behind
And looking outward now she finds
It's time to make a leap.

The slow and solemn dance they do
Is quicker than it seems,
And when she hears the music, too,
She joins the constellations who
Are waltzing in her dreams.

She hurries back before the dawn
To slip into her bed,
And none will ever know she's gone,
For by the time they stretch and yawn
She's back in her own head.