Humpday Night
at the Loser's Bar and Grill

  "I've got an itch to ride that bitch:
The one with the plastic

That's Tangram,
always playing Russian Roulette
with his prick.
is a puzzle with many solutions.
And he's drooling all over
this woman
and tripping all over
his prick
in the process.

the queen of the scene
is playing a little

gonna be very
in about half an hour when
he gets Martine home.

I could save him
the embarassment,
but I'd rather be
imagining the look
on his face
when he gets that skirt off.

(named for what he always ain't got)
is asking who's gonna
go the next round.
I catch Sarah's eye and hold up two fingers.
She nods.

Sarah used to strut naked
at a bar on 8 mile,
'til one of her Sunday lovers
left some scars on her
that look better covered up.
Her job is different, but her taste in men remains the same.

I've thought about her,
but I don't think I could
give her what she wants.
"No pain, no game," she likes to say
(fondness makes her heart grow absent).

Instead, I try to think I'm happy:
sitting quietly at a corner table,
drinking up
and thinking up
a story that features a bunch of losers.