I Met a Maid One Morning

  One day as I left Union Station
In a rush to get to my job,
A maid, in fearless flirtation,
Called to me out of the mob.

Awash in pure fascination
I studied her fine elfin face,
Wondering what choice deviation
Caused her to wear nothing but lace.

My heart was in elevation
And my lust was not far behind.
Was she real or indication
That I had lost most of my mind?

She displayed no hesitation
And regarded me with a smile.
I was filled with warm elation;
I would not go to work for a while.

She spoke with warm animation,
Inviting me up to her room.
To damnation or salvation,
I would follow this girl to my doom.

I answered without vacillation
That, yes, I would follow her in
And conduct an investigation
As to the real wages of sin.

She smiled with quick calculation
And allowed as how that was nice,
But I felt just cold devastation
When she proposed an exhorbitant price.

The sudden alienation
Brought on by allusion to cash
Reduced my sweet aspiration
To a chance to acquire a rash.

I related this revelation
And told her that I wouldn't pay.
I would not give compensation
No matter how tasty the play.

In anger, hurt and frustration
She then walked right out of my life.
I wailed in bleak lamentation
And then went back home to my wife.