Demon Lover

  In the arms of the flowing sea,
in deep blue darkness, now, I live
And though your dreams are calling me
I have no pleasure more to give.

A deep, resounding sound I hear -
a reminder of the way I fell,
And deep within my soul I fear
The sound of that forsaken bell.

Uncanny mistress in my arms,
hair and form so sinuous,
You're not without arousing charms
(delightfully libidinous)

And yet somehow I sense within;
you hunger for a deeper part.
Though your elfin form I win
I cannot hope to win your heart.

In mortal danger here I lie,
Your midnight bed I share,
But to feed your thirst, I'll die
and leave my body there.

Your flashing teeth sink in my neck,
you strike without a warning,
And leave me there, a husk, a wreck
without a word of mourning.

And when my life's blood you have had,
you leave to find another.
You're eerie, yes, and are quite mad:
a genuine demon lover.