OHMIKY's Caching links


  This is the largest website for geocaching.  On this site, you can find caches to seek, place caches of your own and participate in online discussion groups about geocaching and related topics.
Terracaching   Hosts listings of caches to seek.  Terracaching.com emphasizes statistics such as number of caches found, ratings of caches found, and more.  This is a good place if you are primarily interested in keeping score so that you can compete against other people in this hobby.
Navicache   Listings host and forums.  Caches listed on other services may be listed at Navicache as well.
Letterboxing North America   Letterboxing is related to and much older than geocaching.  Instead of using a GPSr and coordinates to find the hidden container, letterboxing uses a list of clues or hints and is characterized by the use of rubber stamps to log your visit.
Today's Cacher   "The (online) magazine for geocachers everywhere"  An entry in the forums at geocaching.com mentioned that Today's Cacher, the magazine is defunct - so this website may disappear soon.  Until then, it is a good resource to check out.
SWOGO   SouthWest Ohio Geocaching Organization: A group of interested folks in the area mentioned who get together sometimes to have fun and discuss the pleasures of geocaching.  The group is good but the website has many broken or undeveloped links.
Traveler Tags   Travellers are items which are released for geocachers to move from cache to cache, logging them online as they do so.  This provides a way for folks to travel by proxy.
Geocaching at the Ohio Historical Society   The Historical Society welcomes geocaches at Ohio Historical sites.  This page lists the caches that are placed as well as providing guidelines and contact information for anyone wishing to place a cache on Historical Society properties.
NWOGEO   Northwest Ohio Geocachers - this site has a fairly well-travelled forum area as well as information specific to caching in Ohio.
KTAG   Kentucky-Tennessee Area Geocachers has resources for geocachers in, you guessed it, Kentucky and Tennessee.
Lowrance Users Geocaching Guide   Not only an excellent beginners' guide for using the Lowrance products for geocaching - this page has guides to transferring files to the Lowrance, buyers' guides, forae, links and useful downloads.  I use Lowrance GPSr's and have found answers on this site when I needed them.
GSAK: Geocaching Swiss Army Knife   An excellent database software for organizing cache information and outputting data in formats usable by a selection of GPSr's
Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint   A map showing caches in Ohio, a list of the 50 most recently placed caches in Ohio - evidently he does not list Groundspeak (geocaching.com) caches because of a legal barrier to acquiring timely and accurate data from them.

There are countless sites on which to purchase various items used for creating, hiding, and finding geocaches as well as items to trade, etc. 

Below are some links to sites which, though they are not specifically related to geocaching, I have found useful:

American Cryptogram Association   A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby and art of cryptanalysis -- that is, learning to break ciphers.  Members working with classical cryptographic systems create puzzles for other members to solve. 
Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation   Given a pair of coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude, you can use this page to calculate the distance between two points.
American Science & Surplus   A resource for potentially useful electro-mechanical stuff such as solenoids, detectors, relays, stepping motors, etc.
Letter Frequency Analyzer   Useful tool for determining if you are dealing with a simple substition cipher or not - takes much of the clerkwork out of frequency analysis.
Text Manipulator   On the same site as the frequency analysis tool above - this tool can manipulate text in a variety of ways.
Reverse Text Tool   Handy if you just want to reverse the order of letters in a large block of text - the Text Manipulator, above, can also do this.
Dialectizer   The bleedin' dialectizer manipulates text blocks ter make them seem as if they are delivered in one of eight dialects. This text were run frough the Cockney filter.
Introduction to Cryptography   A brief overview of cryptography in outline form.  Describes several types of ciphers.